‚ÄčThe Town is considering a wastewater treatment plant on 90 acres of federal land at the Head of the Plains, a parcel that the MRA contends should be preserved as open space. The MRA questions the need for the construction of a plant that could cost $50 million or more in order to handle the effluent from about 475 septic systems, most of which are only used seasonally. We must consider other options.

Options are being studied by the eight member Sewer Planning Work Group, established by the Board of Selectmen in June 2012 and on which MRA President Charles Stott serves.

Nutrient loading and wastewater treatment affect Nantucket in a variety of ways - there are environmental, public health, economic, aesthetic and financial implications for Nantucket residents, visitors and taxpayers.  The total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), which establishes the permissable level of pollutants to be loaded into Madaket waterways, has been determined. Failure to meet the TMDL could result in the issuance of a consent order by the Commonwealth that would require the Town to take action, such as the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Madaket.

   Overview of Wastewater Treatment ...

Maintaining clean and healthy waterways is most important to Madaket homeowners and seasonal visitors.  Our harbors, creeks and ponds must be protected from nutrient loading caused by septic systems, fertilizer and other sources.