1. Examining, evaluating and advising as to funding options for future             sewer-related capital projects ​  
2. Preparing for building consensus for an updated Comprehensive                 Wastewater Management Plan, which will include long-term wastewater     solutions, taking into consideration technology, environmental and             economic concerns and financing   
3. Advising as to public outreach and education for wastewater projects         that will involve a financial cost to the taxpayers and/or ratepayers ​  
4. Establishing a work plan and regular meeting schedule

   Sewer Work Group Charge ...

The MRA questions the need for the construction of a plant that could cost $50 million or more in order to handle the effluent from about 475 septic systems, most of which are only used seasonally. Therefore, we must consider other options. 

The eight member Sewer Planning Work Group, established by the Board of Selectmen in June 2012 and on which MRA President Charles Stott serves, is charged with: