Summer 2017-

MRA calls for Coastal Resiliency Plan & Town Considers Sewer Alternatives

Fall 2016-

Two differing opinions on whether or not to postpone voting on Sewering Madaket to the Annual Town Meeting in the Spring

Fall 2015-

92 Acres Head of the Plains Preserved.

Spring 2017-

MRA Focuses on Coastal Erosion & BOH Acts on Regulations

Spring 2016-

Voters approve Override for Sewer at ATM. Pond Coalition focuses on phragmites

Winter 2018-

Madaket Priority - Water Quality Preservation and DPW Forum

Winter 2017-

Special Town Meeting defeats Sewering Madaket & Coastal Erosion Concerns for Ames Ave etc.

Fall 2017-

Forum on Landfill Containment - Recreational Marijuana tops Town Warrant

Winter 2016-

Sewer to Madaket may be delayed & ATM Articles.

Fall 2018-

Opposition to 40 B Development Grows - MRA Sponsors Coastal Erosion Forum

Spring 2019-

Offshore Wind farm on horizon and Erosion Control

Summer 2015-

Sewer Planning Work Group Reports and Beach Erosion Forum held.

Winter 2015-

MRA continues its fund raising for Head of Plains and is involved in phragmites project.

Fall 2014 -

MRA Approves fund raising for Head of Plains. Gov. Patrick signs Mosquito Bill.

Spring 2014 -

Update on FAA Property, Millie's expansion situation and check out the results of the recent survey.

Winter 2014 -

Read two differing opinions on the Nantucket Sound Wind Farm.

  Madaket Matters ...    

Fall 2013 -

Special Annual Town Meeting unanimously approves zoning change for FAA property . The MMD rezoning requires 10 acre minimums, a smaller footprint for houses and does not allow second dwellings. ‚Äč

Fall 2012 - 

During the Special Town Meeting (STM) on Monday, October 22, 2012, an overwhelming majority of the 660 voters present vetoed the newest wind turbine proposal. Article #5 called for the town to borrow $620,000 to design and install a 100 kW turbine at the Landfill, similar to the one gifted and installed at the high school.

Winter 2013 - 

Voters will consider 87 warrant articles at the Annual Town Meeting (ATM) on April 2, 2013. 

Summer 2013 -

The MRA Board of Directors approves $1,000 Arkansas Ave MRA Improvement grant. This is the first improvement grant to be awarded by the MRA.