The Madaket Residents Association Board of Directors on September 23, 2012 adopted guidelines for the submission of applications for grants from the Improvement Fund that was established at the July 21, 2012 Annual Meeting.  

Under the approved guidelines, the applicant must be a member in good standing of the Madaket Residents Association and the proposed project should benefit as many members as possible. Preference will be given to proposed projects that provide a long term benefit to members. The proposed project must be approved by a majority of the Board and must be completed before the applicant will be reimbursed for the approved portion of the costs.  Funds may be limited. The proposed project must support the Purpose of the Madaket Residents Association as outlined in Article II of the By-Laws: “The purpose of the Madaket Residents Association is to enhance the quality of life and the quiet enjoyment of the area for its resident members.”  Moreover, proposed projects should fall within the primary areas of concern enumerated in

Article II: 

1.     Health and Safety: including, but not limited to, water quality, fire control, mosquito control, septic system management, wastewater planning

2.     Infrastructure: including, but not limited to, roads & bridges, parking, utilities, zoning,
public transportation, and law enforcement

3.     Commercial and Residential Development and Preservation: Maintaining Madaket’s rural and low-density nature

4.     Conservation/Preservation of local natural resources: including open space parcels and public access to the waterfront and beaches.

 Applicants for Improvement Fund Grants should contact Board members Arleen Paquette at or Kathy Williams at for more information and an application.


Please submit your application with the following information:

1. Name, address and phone number of applicant and date of application

2. Short summary of  proposal

  • Board should understand the nature of your project at a glance

3. Needs statement

  • Convince the Board that this is important            

4. Goals and Objectives

  • What do you hope to accomplish?​
  • What outcomes do you expect?

5. Project Design

  • How will you achieve these goals?
  • What is your planned schedule?

6. Evaluation of Project

  • What records or data will you collect?

7.  Is there any other funding or sustainability from other sources?

8.   What is the population that this grant will serve?

9.   Include a Budget Proposal

  • Include expected expenses and income

10. Send completed application to

  • MRA, Box 2732, Nantucket, ​MA 02584-9800

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