There are a great many issues facing Madaket residents and homeowners. These include: 

  • Mosquito control 

  • Water quality

  • Wastewater treatment 

  • Conservation 

  • ​Alternative energy ​

The MRA will monitor developments relating to these and other issues that may emerge, survey members to ascertain their opinions when appropriate and articulate the opinions of members and the positions adopted by the Board of Directors at public venues such as the Annual Town Meeting and meetings of the Board of Selectmen and other boards and commissions.

"The purpose of the Madaket Residents Association is to enhance the quality of life and the quiet enjoyment of the area for its resident members."



Primary areas of concern to the MRA as expressed in the by-laws and delineated on the About Us page are:

  • Health and Safety

  • Infrastructure

  • Limiting Commercial and Residential Development

  • ​Conservation/Preservation of Local Natural Resources