The Madaket Residents Association and its predecessor organizations have accomplished much in recent years: 

  • We assisted in the decisive defeat of the proposal to construct a 324 foot industrial wind turbine at the Madaket Landfill at the 2012 Annual Town Meeting and another turbine proposal at the 2012 Special Town Meeting
  • The MRA assisted in defeating a wind turbine warrant article at the 2013 Annual Town Meeting
  • At the 2013 Special Town Meeting, MRA supported rezoning of 1,100 acres of land at the Head of the Plains; with the zoning change, houses would require 10 acres of land rather than about three 
  • We proposed a “sense of the meeting”  amendment that was adopted at the Annual Town Meeting; the amendment called on the Town to actively pursue solar energy at municipally owned properties including the Madaket Landfill 
  • Though unsuccessful in our efforts to preserve the former Tristrams property as open space to be purchased by the Nantucket Land Bank, we  supported a four lot subdivision that was approved by the Planning Board as an alternative to a tennis club with a restaurant and bar
  • Representatives of our organizations were involved in meetings of town officials who adopted an administrative consent order on failed septic systems (we successfully proposed an amendment to the regulation, which was adopted by the Board of Health) 
  • We were present and vocal at multiple meetings dealing with the construction of a multi-million dollar wastewater treatment plant and alternatives to the plant; the MRA president serves on the Sewer Planning Work Group, a citizens committee that we urged be established
  • We endeavor to keep members informed through the timely distribution of newsletters including a special issue outlining the pros and cons of the proposed Madaket wind turbine
  • We have monitored developments on the 90 acre Head of the Plains tract with an eye toward preservation of this property as open space for the enjoyment of all

The Madaket  Homeowners Association was formed in 2009 by a group of area homeowners who were opposed to the establishment of the Island Racquet Club, which proposed to build a 70 seat restaurant, five tennis courts and two swimming pools on 2.6 acres of land that was owned by the Tristram’s Group.

Since its establishment, the MHA worked to inform and mobilize Madaket residents around issues of concern. For example, MHA joined with TLPA, the Madaket Conservation Association, the Smith Point Association and the Fisher’s Landing Association to allocate $100,000 for a comprehensive, island-wide mosquito control program. 

TLPA was founded in the summer of 1987 in response to the possible placement of a gate at one of the entrances to the private Madaket beach which is owned by the Madaket Land Trust. Owners were concerned that the beach would be closed to the public. Several meetings ensued and the outcome was the formation of the Association. 

Over the next 25 years, TLPA engaged in many activities that benefitted the Madaket community including clearing the phragmites from Long Pond (which have since grown back), installing rocks with street names, cleaning the Madaket Land Trust beach and landscaping at the shuttle bus stops.   

TLPA also took positions on warrant articles at annual and special town meetings and represented the position of its members at these policy-setting meetings.

   MRA History ....

The Madaket Residents Association was established on July 21, 2012 when the Madaket Homeowners Association and the Tristrams Long Pond Association consolidated to create a new organization.