Cutting through the Confusion ...

Who do you call for what in Madaket?  With FOUR Homeowner’s Associations and a Land Trust, it is confusing to reach out to “West-Enders.” To make the confusion complete, our names even overlap!


The same: 

  • Dedicated to protecting and preserving Madaket

  • Actively foster awareness and information about Madaket area issues

  • Do not engage in partisan politics

  • Do not promote candidates for public office

  • Non-profit status

  • Volunteer elected leaders

The difference:

  • Madaket Conservation Association (MCA) was formed in 1958 as a community/informational organization.

  1.    Is not a political organization; does not take a position on issues.

  2.    Distributes information, meeting notices and hearings so members can make their                  decision on the issue at hand

  3.    Membership open to all Madaket residents, renters, visitors that share a love for                   Madaket

  • Madaket Residents Association (MRA) was formed in 2012, when Madaket Homeowners Association and Tristrams Long Pond Association merged.​

  1.    Committed to advocacy on behalf of its members

  2.    When it takes a position on a community issue, it only speaks for its dues-paying                    members (currently 146) and the Tristrams Interval Owners of 26 houses who                      make a contribution to the MRA (currently 300)

  3.    Membership open to all Madaket residents, homeowners and interval owners

  •  Madaket Land Trust (MLT) was founded in 1985 to maintain the Madaket area’s green belt.

  1.     Developers of Tristram’s Landing donated land to be protected as open space

  2.     Group holds 65+ acres in conservation. It allows walking on its properties 

  3.     Its beaches and parking areas are open to the public: specifically one on Chicago                       Street near the end of Madaket Road, and a second on Starbuck Road

  •  Smith Point Association was founded in 1976, as an area specific  homeowner organization

  • Fishers Landing Association was founded in 1988 as an area specific homeowner organization

We hope this clears some confusion, particularly around the Madaket Conservation Association and the Madaket Residents Association.