Proponents of the turbine are likely to continue to press the issue, but the MRA and Common Sense Nantucket, which was formed to oppose the turbine, will continue to resist a turbine at the landfill.

The MRA supports energy conservation and alternative energy including the construction of solar panels at the landfill and on other Town property. 

We also supported Article 41 as amended by the sponsor, MRA member Bruce Mandel, at the 2012 Annual Town Meeting. Article 41 originally called for a five year moratorium on the construction of wind turbines anywhere on Nantucket, but evolved into a motion, endorsed by the Finance Committee and the Board of Selectmen, to refer to the Planning Board and a citizens committee who would study the siting and permitting of wind turbines.   This article was adopted by an overwhelming voice vote.

Citizen’s petitions have been filed at annual and special town meetings over the last couple of years that call for the construction of a wind turbine at the Madaket landfill. In early 2012, our predecessor organizations, the Tristrams Long Pond Association and the Madaket Homeowners Association, surveyed their members about the turbine and other issues.  92% of TLPA members and 79% of MHA members who responded opposed the turbine proposal that was defeated at the 2012 Annual Town Meeting. Members were concerned about aesthetics, noise, the potential for adverse health effects and financial viability. 

Another survey was conducted in the fall of 2012 prior to the Special Town Meeting, which considered another warrant article authorizing the construction of a turbine. 90% of MRA members opposed the article, which was defeated at the Special Town Meeting. 

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