Health and Safety: including, but not limited to, water quality, fire control, mosquito control, septic system management, wastewater planning

Infrastructure: including, but not limited to, roads & bridges, parking, utilities, zoning, public transportation, and law enforcement

​​​Commercial/Residential Development and Presdervation: Maintaining Madaket’s rural and low-density nature

Conservation/Preservation of Local Natural Resources:​including open space parcels and public access to the waterfront and beaches

Wastewater Treatment: Maintaining clean and healthy waterways is most important to Madaket homeowners and seasonal visitors.  Harbors, creeks and ponds must be protected from nutrient loading caused by septic systems, fertilizer and other sources.  A wastewater treatment plant is being considered on federal land at the Head of the Plains.  MRA questions the construction of a plant that could cost $50 million or more to handle the effluent from about 475 septic systems, most of which are seasonal.  We must consider other options.

Head of the Plains: The Town is seeking a cost-free Public Health Conveyance from the General Services Administration to build a wastewater treatment plant.  MRA believes that it is essential to preserve the 90 acres as open space.  The last thing that we want is a huge housing development on this parcel. 

Madaket Wind Turbine: Citizen's petitions have been filed over the last couple of years calling for the construction of a wind turbine at the landfill. In 2012, our predecessor organizations, the Tristrams Long Pond Association and Madaket Homeowners Association, surveyed their members about the turbine and other issues. 92% of the TLPA members and 79% of MHA members who responded opposed the turbine that was defeated at the 2012 Annual Town Meeting. In a later survey of members, 90% of MRA members opposed a turbine at the landfill. Two turbine related warrant articles were proposed at the 2013 Annual and Special Town Meetings. Both were defeated, but proponents of the turbine are likely to continue to press the issue.

Mosquito Control: Despite opposition from the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee at the 2011 Annual Town Meeting, our work on establishing an island-wide mosquito control program paid off when the citizen’s petition was adopted and the subsequent budget override was approved. However, we were extremely disappointed to learn that very few mosquito abatement measures were taken by Laurentide Environmental, LLC, the firm that was awarded the contract for mosquito control in 2012. In 2013, Vector Disease Control International (VDCI) received the contract from the Town, and there have been significantly fewer mosquitos in Madaket. We must redouble our efforts to assure that this spring we have an effective mosquito control program on




The purpose of the Madaket Residents Association is to enhance the quality of life and the quiet enjoyment of the area for its resident members.

​    Primary areas of concern to the MRA are:                 Future issues facing residents/homeowners are: